Host a CycleHack Event: Be the Change You Want to See in Cycling

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Organize a CycleHack Event in Your Community!

The global cycling movement is gaining momentum, and CycleHack is at the forefront of this exciting wave. From humble beginnings with just 3 cities in 2014, CycleHack has grown into a phenomenon, uniting over 25 communities in less than 18 months. Now, the question is: how to Host a CycleHack Event?

Become a CycleHack Event Organizer!

Imagine a vibrant event where cyclists, designers, developers, and everyday citizens come together to brainstorm and prototype solutions for better cycling infrastructure. That’s the magic of CycleHack!

Ready to join the movement? Here’s how to register your city, town, or village as a CycleHack host:

  • Submit Your Application: Sign up to be a part of the global CycleHack movement and bring the innovation spirit to your community.
  • Join the Online Hub: Get exclusive access to a collaborative online platform where you’ll connect with other organizers, access valuable resources, and receive step-by-step guidance for planning your event.
  • Collaboration is Key: If another CycleHack event is already happening nearby, we’ll connect you to avoid duplication of efforts and maximize impact.
Host a CycleHack Event

CycleHack: Scalable, Flexible, and Impactful

Don’t let the thought of organizing a large event overwhelm you. CycleHack is designed to be adaptable to your resources and vision. Here’s what makes CycleHack unique:

  • Scalability: A CycleHack event can be anything from a small gathering of passionate cyclists to a large-scale extravaganza. All you need is a dedicated team, a venue with internet access, and a desire to make a difference.
  • Flexible Format: You have the freedom to design your event around your budget. Whether you choose a shoestring approach or secure sponsorships, CycleHack empowers you to create a successful event.
  • Open to All Approaches: Some events charge ticket fees, while others are entirely free. You can also decide whether to provide food and drinks or encourage participants to bring a potluck meal.

Key Responsibilities as an Host

  • Timing: Host your CycleHack event during the annual CycleHack weekend, with the final date confirmed in June 2016.
  • Inclusive Invitation: Reach out to a diverse audience – cyclists, designers, developers, policymakers, pedestrians, and anyone passionate about improving cycling experiences.
  • Open Source Sharing: Upload all the innovative projects developed at your event to the CycleHack Open Source Catalogue (we’ll provide instructions!).
  • Event Promotion: Set up an Eventbrite page for your event and share it on the main CycleHack website for wider visibility.
  • Community Connection: Connect with other organizers through the #cyclehack hashtag and the private online platform – a treasure trove of planning resources, ideas, and support.
  • Share Your Story: Write a blog post on the CycleHack website, sharing your experiences as an organizer and inspiring others.
Adult man Host an Event

What CycleHack Offers You:

  • Branding Toolkit: Access the CycleHack branding materials and create a custom logo for your local event.
  • Event Planning Resources: Our comprehensive toolkit includes best practices, sample budgets, sponsorship pack templates, press release templates, and more.
  • Global Knowledge Base: Tap into our ongoing research and insights on cycling barriers gathered from partners worldwide.
  • Open Source Platform: Showcase the innovative solutions developed at your event in the CycleHack Open Source Catalogue.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with a vibrant network of CycleHack organizers for ongoing support and collaboration.
  • A Sense of Ownership: Be part of shaping the future of cycling in your community and globally.

Apply to Host a CycleHack Event Today!

Join the movement and become a driving force for positive change in cycling. Register your city, town, or village and get ready to host a CycleHack event that sparks innovation, fosters collaboration, and paves the way for a more bike-friendly future!

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