DIY Bike Review Mirror: Hack Your Ride with Everyday Objects (Prague CycleHack)

Bike Review Mirror

Boost Your Cycling Safety with a Clever DIY Review Mirror

City traffic can be a jungle, and for cyclists, staying aware of your surroundings is crucial. A well-placed review mirror allows you to see what’s coming behind you, enhancing your safety and reducing stress on busy roads.

Prague CycleHack 2023 participants tackled this challenge head-on with a clever and budget-friendly solution: a DIY review mirror made from everyday objects!

Two Options for Every Crafter: From Practical to Chic

This hack offers two options, catering to both practicality and aesthetics.

  • The Quick and Easy Route: Round or oval reflective shampoo caps can be a temporary solution. Simply attach them to your handlebars for basic rearward visibility.
  • The Stylish and Durable Choice: For a more permanent and polished look, the IKEA NÄSSJÖ candleholder is your secret weapon.
Bike Review Mirror Grass Field

Simple Steps for a Safer Ride

Here’s how to create your very own IKEA NÄSSJÖ bike review mirror:

  1. Secure the Mirror: Attach the NÄSSJÖ candleholder to your handlebars using screws or strong adhesive (ensure it’s suitable for outdoor use).
  2. Adjust for Optimal Viewing: Position the mirror for a clear view of what’s behind you. A slight outward angle is ideal for most riders.
  3. Hit the Road with Confidence! Now you can navigate city streets with increased awareness and peace of mind.

Hack Bike Review Mirror

While the NÄSSJÖ candleholder is a fantastic option, the core concept is adaptable. Feel free to experiment with other circular or oval objects that can serve as a reflective surface, as long as they’re securely mounted and don’t obstruct your handlebar controls.

This clever DIY review mirror exemplifies the spirit of CycleHack: utilizing readily available resources to create practical and effective solutions. So, the next time you’re looking for a way to boost your cycling safety, remember to think outside the box and unleash your inner hacker!

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