Unleashing Creativity to Overcome Cycling Barriers

Imagine a tangible solution, like a prototype gadget or a clever campaign, that tackles a specific obstacle people face when cycling. That’s a CycleHack! It can be anything from a DIY bike modification to a community event promoting cycling safety.

Breaking Down BarriersYour Attractive Heading

Anything that discourages someone from cycling is a barrier. CycleHacks address a wide range of issues, from navigating tricky intersections to encouraging women and people with disabilities to ride. We go beyond just bike lanes and delve into the bigger picture.

Micro Barriers

Everyday annoyances like riding with a handbag? CycleHackers have solutions!

Geographic Barriers

Specific locations with challenging infrastructure can be tackled by targeted CycleHacks.

Macro Barriers

CycleHack also tackles broader issues like promoting cycling’s benefits and fostering cycling communities.

The CycleHack Toolbox


Physical Hacks

Think 3D-printed mudguards or DIY indicator lights – these tangible solutions are built with readily available materials.


Digital Hacks

From data-driven cycling apps to online communities, digital solutions open a world of possibilities.


Event/Campaign Hacks

These combine physical and digital elements to raise awareness and build collective action. They can involve anyone who shares the road, not just cyclists.


Policy Hacks

CycleHacks can influence policymaking by creating innovative tools. Imagine crowd-sourced cycling data apps that shape future cycling infrastructure!


Local Plan Hacks

Have an idea for improving your local cycling infrastructure? CycleHackers can help visualize your plan with photos, sketches, and detailed proposals.

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