A Year of CycleHack Triumphs! Celebrating Community, Creativity, and Change

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A Look Back at a Remarkable Year for CycleHack

As we bid farewell to the new year, the CycleHack team can’t help but beam with pride. This past year has been nothing short of extraordinary, fueled by the dedication and passion of our incredible global community of CycleHackers.

A Global Movement Takes Root

In June, CycleHack witnessed a phenomenal leap forward. From just 14 cities participating in last year, we soared to a staggering 25 cities hosting CycleHack events over a single weekend! Each city brought its unique flavor to the table, designing and delivering exceptional programs that addressed local cycling challenges.

A Glimpse into the CycleHack Spirit

The creativity and enthusiasm of our organizers shone through in the diverse and eye-catching logos designed for each event. But the impact went far beyond aesthetics. Here are some awe-inspiring statistics that showcase the power of CycleHack:

  • 66 Devoted Organizers: A dedicated network of 66 local CycleHack organizers across the globe made these events a reality.
  • 600+ Passionate Participants: Over 600 individuals actively participated in CycleHack events, contributing their ideas and energy.
  • 3,500+ Tweets in 48 Hours: The CycleHack buzz resonated on social media, with over 3,500 tweets generated in just two days.
  • 1.6 Million Reached Through Social Media: Our combined reach on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook exceeded 1.6 million in just 48 hours!
  • 100+ CycleHacks Created: The weekend produced a remarkable outcome – over 100 CycleHacks were conceptualized and uploaded to our ever-growing Open Source Catalogue.
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The Lasting Impact of CycleHack

The true magic of CycleHack lies in its ability to empower and inspire. Here’s what a participant from Sydney had to say:

“Taking participants through the design process is key… The weekend really helps people to work through barriers from a different perspective.”

CycleHack goes beyond simply brainstorming solutions. It fosters a spirit of collaboration, experimentation, and a willingness to “question the wheel.”

The positive impact of CycleHack is further validated by survey, revealing that:

  • 67% of attendees felt inspired to cycle more.
  • 88% learned a new skill applicable in the future.
  • 69% formed valuable new partnerships.
  • Nearly 70% planned to pursue their ideas further.
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Spreading the new year CycleHack Mission

In this year, CycleHack wasn’t confined to event weekends. We actively spread the word about the power of “hacking” as a tool for positive change.

  • Co-Founder Matt championed CycleHack at the Défi Vélo MTL event in Montreal.
  • Co-Founder Sarah took the TEDxPortobello stage to share her work, including CycleHack’s innovative approach.
  • Johanna, Co-Founder, presented valuable lessons learned from CycleHack at TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh.

CycleHack’s dedication was further recognized through prestigious awards:

  • Core77 Design Award: Social Impact
  • Sarah Shortlisted for BikeBiz Woman of the Year
  • CycleHack Film “Penny in Yo’ Pants” Featured at Filmed by Bike Festival

We are incredibly grateful for the media attention CycleHack received throughout the year, with features in BBC Radio Scotland, The New York Times, Stylist Magazine, and Bicycling Magazine, among others.

As we embark on a new year, we’re filled with immense gratitude for our partners, event organizers, and the entire CycleHack community. Thank you for making such a resounding success! We can’t wait to see what innovative solutions and collaborations emerge in next year. Happy CycleHacking!

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