CycleHack Goes Global: Capture Our Movement on Film!

Empowering Change Through Cycling

We’re building a movement!

Your contribution will help us create a powerful film that showcases the global impact of CycleHack. Let’s work together to inspire more people to embrace cycling in their cities!

Calling all filmmakers, videographers, and photographers!

Help us create a stunning global film showcasing CycleHack® 2015! Inspired by crowdsourced projects like “Life in a Day,” we’re aiming to capture the energy and innovation of CycleHack® events happening in over 30 locations worldwide.

Be part of a unique film project documenting a global movement.

Get your name credited in the final film.

Contribute to a valuable resource promoting cycling opportunities.

Connect with your local CycleHack

How to participate:

Connect with your local CycleHack

Find a participating city near you and contact the organizer. They can provide details and filming opportunities.

Capture key footage

We’ve created a shot list to ensure a consistent narrative across the film. Focus on themes like equality, cycling infrastructure, and CycleHack solutions.

Submit your footage

After CycleHack® (by July 10th), send us a Dropbox or WeTransfer link to your footage at [email protected]. Include your name, website/profile, contact details, and any relevant notes about your recordings.

Local Film Sponsors & Branding

We’re happy for you to include logos of your local sponsors within your movie. However, to maintain a consistent brand identity across all CycleHack locations, we kindly ask you to use our provided titles. It’s about uniting all events under one banner, highlighting our shared mission as a global movement.

Share Your Film with the World!

If you create a localized CycleHack® film, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be thrilled to upload it to [invalid URL removed]’s media channels, alongside the local channels managed by your organizers. This will give your movie a wider audience and showcase the unique energy of your CycleHack® event to the world!

Join the CycleHack Movement Today

Become a CycleHacker and be part of a global community driving positive change through innovative solutions in cycling.

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