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Collaborate, innovate, and transform the cycling industry with CycleHack’s global design thinking movement.

Our Services

Design Thinking Workshops

Engage in creative workshops to develop innovative solutions for cycling challenges.

Community Collaboration

Join a vibrant community of cyclists and experts to exchange skills and knowledge for cycling advocacy.

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Global Networking

Connect with cyclists and organizations worldwide to share best practices and promote cycling initiatives.

Our Story

CycleHack is a global organization offering design thinking solutions to address issues in cycling and build a sustainable world.

Founded in 2014 by three passionate individuals to bring innovation and collaboration to the cycling industry.


Global Movement

CycleHack has expanded to 25 cities worldwide, fostering creativity and problem-solving in cycling communities.


Innovative Solutions

We prototype new ideas, share skills, and break down barriers to cycling with our interactive events and workshops.


Community Engagement

CycleHack welcomes cyclists and enthusiasts to be part of our growing movement to shape the future of cycling.

Why Choose CycleHack


We empower individuals, organizations, and governments to collaborate and create positive change in the cycling world.


Our focus on sustainability aims to build a healthier, more active, and environmentally-friendly world through cycling.


Experience innovative design thinking solutions that revolutionize the cycling industry and inspire change.

What CycleHack Participants Say

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Become a CycleHacker and be part of a global community driving positive change through innovative solutions in cycling.

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