Empowering Cycling Innovation

CycleHack was born from a simple conversation between cycling enthusiasts, driven by a desire to address cycling issues beyond infrastructure.

With a core team of passionate cyclists and designers, CycleHack has evolved into a global movement offering innovative design solutions to the cycling industry.

Our journey has seen us collaborate with a diverse range of individuals, organizations, and governments, all united by a shared goal of promoting a healthier and more sustainable world through cycling.


Global Movement

CycleHack has expanded to 25 cities worldwide, fostering creativity and problem-solving in cycling communities.


Innovative Solutions

We prototype new ideas, share skills, and break down barriers to cycling with our interactive events and workshops.


Community Engagement

CycleHack welcomes cyclists and enthusiasts to be part of our growing movement to shape the future of cycling.

Our Vision

Striving to create a world where cycling is accessible, safe, and celebrated as a key component of sustainable urban living.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals and communities to co-create innovative solutions, break down barriers to cycling, and foster a culture of collaboration and experimentation in the cycling world.

CycleHack Team

The CycleHack team is a powerhouse of creativity and cycling enthusiasm. Meet our core leadership and discover the global network that fuels our movement.

Julius S Nielsen

Julius Nielsen

Director of Global and Networks

User-centered designer, Julius leverages design thinking to create accessible and meaningful experiences for cyclists everywhere.

Lea T Kristensen

Lea T Kristensen

Director of Design and Innovation

A Google Fellow and award-winning designer, Sarah champions innovation and user-centered design.

Jeppe Holst

Jeppe Holst

Director of Communications

With a decade of experience in global development projects, Jeppe brings a passion for community building and social change.

Join the CycleHack Movement Today

Become a CycleHacker and be part of a global community driving positive change through innovative solutions in cycling.

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