Be Part of a Global Movement: Organize a CycleHack Event!


Become a CycleHack Event Organizer!

Imagine a global movement dedicated to making cycling safer, more accessible, and simply more fun. That’s the magic of CycleHack, a worldwide event where cities come together over a single weekend to brainstorm and prototype solutions to cycling challenges.

Intrigued? Want to bring the CycleHack spirit to your own city? Here’s your chance to become a CycleHack Event Organizer!

The beauty of CycleHack lies in its adaptability. Your event can be anything from a small gathering of passionate cyclists to a large-scale extravaganza. All you need is a dedicated team, a venue with internet access, and a creative spirit.

Freedom and Support: How CycleHack Empowers Organizers

As an organizer, you have the freedom to design your event around your budget and resources. Whether you choose a shoestring approach or secure sponsorships, CycleHack provides the essential tools and support to guarantee a success.

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What You Get as a CycleHack Event Organizer:

  • Free Event License: Host your local CycleHack event under the official CycleHack umbrella.
  • Shared Online Platform: Connect with other organizers, share ideas, and access valuable resources.
  • Comprehensive “Hack Pack”: This guide equips you with everything you need to know about planning and running your event.
  • Branding Toolkit: Create a customized event logo and leverage CycleHack’s branding materials.

The CycleHack Journey: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Register Your City: Sign up to be part of the global CycleHack movement.
  2. Welcome to the Community: Get access to the online platform and connect with fellow organizers.
  3. Plan and Prepare: Utilize the “Hack Pack” and resources to design your event.
  4. Spread the Word: Promote your CycleHack event and encourage local participation.
  5. Hacking for Change: Host a successful event filled with creative problem-solving and collaboration.
  6. Share Your Success: Upload participant projects to the Open Source Catalogue.
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The Core Values of CycleHack

CycleHack thrives on a foundation of collaboration, openness, and a shared passion for cycling. Here are some key principles to keep in mind:

  • Open Source Focus: All CycleHack projects are uploaded to a publicly accessible online catalogue.
  • Non-Profit Ethos: While charging ticket fees to cover expenses is allowed, CycleHack events are strictly non-profit.
  • Active Online Community: Engage with other organizers on online platforms like Basecamp and Slack.
  • Positive Social Media Presence: Share your CycleHack journey and promote cycling advocacy on social media.
  • Openness to All Ideas: CycleHack events focus on a broad range of cycling challenges, fostering inclusivity and diverse solutions.
  • Collaboration is Key: CycleHack is all about teamwork and fostering connections between people with different backgrounds and skillsets.

Ready to Make a Difference? Register Your City Today!

Join the global movement to make cycling a more attractive and accessible option for everyone. Register your city as a CycleHack host and become a part of something truly special. Remember, CycleHack is about having fun, sparking creativity, and working together to create a better cycling future for all.

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