Forget Me Not: Keeping Drivers Alert and Cyclists Safe

Forget Me Not

The Frustration: Cars Encroaching on Cycle Lanes

Sharing the road can be nerve-wracking, especially for cyclists navigating narrow lanes. One major concern is vehicles encroaching on dedicated cycling spaces, Forget Me Not creating a stressful and potentially dangerous situation.

This CycleHack creation, aptly named “Forget Me Not,” tackles this issue head-on, offering a simple yet effective solution to enhance cyclist safety.

A Visual and Physical Reminder for Drivers

Forget Me Not is an ingenious device that attaches to the rear wheel hub of your bike. It features a pair of spring-loaded rods, each extending 50cm on either side of your bicycle.

These highly visible rods serve a dual purpose:

  • Visual Deterrent: The bright and eye-catching design serves as a clear marker for drivers, reminding them to maintain a safe distance from cyclists.
  • Physical Reminder (Optional): For an added layer of security, the ends of the rods can be equipped with markers that leave a temporary, brightly colored mark on a car that comes into contact.

This two-pronged approach – visual warning and a gentle physical nudge – aims to keep drivers alert and maintain a safe distance from cyclists.

Forget Me Not roud

Forget Me Not: Benefits for Cyclists and Drivers

The Forget Me Not hack offers a range of advantages:

  • Enhanced Cyclist Safety: By creating a visual and physical buffer zone, Forget Me Not empowers cyclists to ride with greater confidence and peace of mind.
  • Increased Driver Awareness: The eye-catching design reminds drivers of the presence of cyclists and encourages them to maintain a safe distance.
  • Simple and Affordable: Forget Me Not utilizes a straightforward design, making it a cost-effective solution for cyclists.
  • Easy to Install and Use: The hack’s simple attachment mechanism allows for quick and effortless installation and removal.

Is Forget Me Not Right for You? Consider These Questions:

  • Do you frequently encounter cars encroaching on your cycling lane?
  • Are you a new cyclist seeking ways to enhance your safety on the road?
  • Do you prefer a simple and non-aggressive approach to promoting safe cycling practices?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Forget Me Not might be the perfect solution for you!

Share Your Ideas!

The Forget Me Not hack exemplifies the power of creative thinking to address cycling challenges. Do you have your own ideas for promoting safer cycling experiences? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below! Let’s work together to create a cycling environment where everyone feels safe and respected on the road.

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